Here are some of the most Frequently asked  Questions by my viewers:


  • Why don't I see the updated pictures that were added?

Some Browsers like AOL's default browser, saves the page address in its memory. The reason for this, is it will make the page load faster the next time you enter the site. A quick fix to this is to "reload" or "refresh" the page. Aol version 5.0 is a little tricky. Try clicking on the button 2or3 times quickly. That should do the trick.

  This Is the "reload" Button for Aol

  This is the "Refresh"on Internet Explorer

Why are the pictures "blurry" when I view them with AOL's Browser?

AOL uses "compression" on images that are viewed with its browser.
This makes the image load very quickly, however; quality is sacrificed.

To correct this, there are two ways.

1. Use Internet Explorer for browsing. 

2.  In Aol, go to "
settings",  "preferences"   "Internet Properties WWW"

That's it!  







Why does it take longer than usual for some pages to load?

The images that you see in any category are called THUMBNAILS. This basically gives you a Preview of the picture you can see in full size. Simply click on it and an image will open.

  The Thumbnails are at a size that are easier to see, yet are still large in file size. This can add time to the page to load. The good news is, now that you have loaded the page for the first time, any time you return to that page, it will load in half the time! Just remember if you don't see the updated pictures,...RELOAD,RELOAD,RELOAD !


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