This funny story was e-mailed to Stephen in the year 2000 and posted on his website at that time.  
On May 18, 2001, almost 6 months later,  an anonymous reply letter was sent to Stephen at the
 Imperial Theater from the Gavroche that it actually happened to.  However, at the end of the
 letter he refused to say his name.  There was no return address on the letter but it was
postmarked Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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This is supposed to have happened 8 or 10 years ago to Gavroche involving either the traveling production 
of  Les MisÚrables or a regional production. 

The play was being performed in a SMALL theater -- almost too small to put on Les MisÚrables.   Instead of having an orchestra pit in front of the stage, the front row was right in front of the actor was very very close to the audience. (Keep in mind that the stage is puts the audience in the front row "in range" for any accidents)

Imagine you are the young actor playing Gavroche.  He was starting the death scene. He apparently slipped the strap on the bag off his neck, but was just carrying the ammunition pouch in his hand.   He was going to jump the last couple of feet from the barricade to the stage.  As he jumped, he felt a tug on his trousers a part of the barricade had snagged the right pocket of his trousers.   He was pulled off balance and fell  flat on his face.  When he fell, he lost his grip on the ammunition bag he was carrying, and the bag went flying out of his hand.
   The audience, afraid he might have been hurt, gasped.

He got up quickly and started singing his Death scene song "Little People". When he stood up, the audience breathed a sigh of relief that he was not hurt, then burst out laughing.  Reason: his trousers was ripped for 3 or 4 inches along the right seam, and the audience was seeing underwear.

His second problem was he did not see the ammunition bag anywhere......

You can imagine poor Gavroche, crawling around on the stage, holding his torn pants together with one hand, dying, singing "Little People", and all the time looking about for that missing ammunition bag.

He spotted the bag -- it was now in the lap of a little old lady on the front row.  Too late to do anything about it he died, without the ammunition bag, but still holding onto his torn trousers.   
The poor lady on the front row, meanwhile, is trying to decide what to do with the bag.  It is like having a hot potato in her lap.  She did not know if it might be very important later in the play.   It might be an absolutely essential prop to finish the play.   She decided she better toss it back.

Have you ever seen a really elderly woman try to throw something? She had a lousy aim.  She hit the "dead" Gavroche on his head with the pouch.  The "dead" Gavroche was surprised and jumped up on all fours to see what had hit him, losing his grip on his torn seam, and flashing the audience with underwear again.    The audience roared with laughter again.   Even Gavroche burst out laughing, and laughed so hard he could not be "dead".

The actors in back of the barricade were supposed (of course) to be acting upset over the death of Gavroche but they were all doubled up with laughter instead.....

(I understand that the lady in question was very apologetic after the play).

This Funny story could not be confirmed nor denied...
...Until now

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 reply letter from THE  ANONYMOUS GAVROCHE

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